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Here are the Facts

97% of Consumers use the Internet to Research Local Products & Services

People looking for information about local restaurants and other businesses say they rely on the internet, especially search engines, ahead of any other source. When they seek information they rely on search engines, specialty websites, and social media. If you own a small business, you need to be optimizing local online marketing to make sure customers can find your business.

54% of Americans Substitute the Internet for Phone Books

Phone books are no longer used to find local businesses as often as they once were. They are now used as paper weights, doorstops, makeshift furniture, wrapping paper, or shelf art.  Millions of phone books are distributed every year, but smartphones, electronic devices, and Google are the trending search tool. Makes you wonder why are we wasting so much paper?

59% of Users Use Google to Find a Reputable Local Business

Google remains to be the most used search engine in the world, far outdistancing competitors. Consumers are using Google more often then ever before to research and find local businesses. As Google continues to update it’s algorithms it is important to maintain local optimization.

78% of Local Searches Result in a Purchase

More purchases are resulting from a local search on a mobile phone within a few hours of the search process. Research suggests that a majority of consumers’ last local searches ended in an in-store purchase. Consumers want to see more relevant information around products and services. The increasing use of mobile and local search results in the need for businesses to optimize their mobile web presence, and ensure that they provide quality content.